IUI Semen Sample Preparation - A to Z

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IUI Semen Sample Preparation - A to Z

About Course

For Andrology Lab Technicians, Junior Embryologists' & Clinicians 

Unlock the secrets of IUI semen sample preparation with our in-depth course! 

What You'll Learn: 

Master the fundamentals of semen sample handling and assessment. 

Acquire in depth knowledge on different techniques for optimal sample preparation.

Dive into the art of generating comprehensive IUI sample post-processing reports. 

Course Highlights: 

Clear and concise video instructions for a hands-on learning experience. 

In-depth exploration of techniques such as Double Density Gradient. 

Ready to elevate your expertise in the world of Andrology? Enroll now!

Course content

videoWHO Manual for Semen Sample Analysis & Processing - Consolidated Start
videoBasics of Semen Sample Collection & Handling5 m 27 sFree
videoIntroduction to basics of Semen Sample Preparation for IUI6 m 51 s Start
videoMastering the Swim-Up Method in Semen Sample Preparation5 m 57 s Start
videoExploring the Double Density Gradient Method in Semen Sample Preparation16 m 29 s Start
videoHarnessing Advanced Semen Preparation with Microfluidics7 m 35 s Start
videoIUI Semen Sample Reporting - Template Start
videoHow to fill IUI Post Process Semen Report4 m 49 s Start

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